The Sweet Spot

Image source: Olaojo Aiyegbayo
Image source: Olaojo Aiyegbayo

There is a career profile series called Get that Lifewhich is published weekly on Cosmopolitan’s website. I have read a few articles in the series especially the ones profiling individuals with creative writing careers and would recommend that you visit the website to check out some of the women profiled in the series.

The women in the ‘Get that Life’ series had found in their careers what Scott Belsky terms ‘the sweet spot’ which he discusses in his career-oriented chapter in the book – Maximize your potential.

 Aside from lots of hard work, great creative careers are powered by an intersection of three factors: interest, skill, and opportunity….The magic happens when you find the sweet spot where these three factors intersect. Scott Belsky

Interest is what you are passionate about – something that engages your attention. Belsky poses the following questions: “What fascinates you? What topic do you like to discuss and read about the most?” He then goes on to say that “reaching for greatness without a genuine interest in the field is like running a marathon after fasting. Remarkable achievements are fuelled by genuine interest.”

Skill is your ability or competency – what you can do. Belsky stated that “the skills you have are helpful indicators of the opportunities that are most likely to flourish under your leadership.”

Belsky defined opportunity as anything that brings you a step closer to your genuine interest.”  I believe that a career opportunity is also a suitable combination of conditions that enable you to do what you are skilled at and passionate about.

To be successful in whatever you do, you have to put in the time, effort and perseverance to excel at it. This is the ‘hard work’ component which Belsky refers to in his quote and evident in the careers of the profiled women in the ‘Get that Life‘ series.

He concludes his chapter with this advice: “when it comes to your career, make every decision with a constant eye towards your own intersection.”

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