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Image source: Creativedc
Image source: Creativedc

The hardest thing with any creative activity is starting it. It is daunting when you confront the blank page and you don’t know what to do. You want to express yourself, create something good but you are stumped. You try to pull out ideas from your brain and you produce nothing intelligible. A lot of folks give up at this stage and believe that they are simply not creative.  

Other folks  persevere for as long as it takes. They refuse to allow the blank page to crush their creative desires. They put stuff on the page that isn’t very good but they know that first draft (or version) of anything is usually not good; it is just the first step towards the finished product. The good thing with a first draft (or version) is that you have something to work with, something to build on, something to rework and refine.

Creativity is first a mental thing then a physical thing. You have to believe that you will produce something worthwhile and then engage in the physical task of creating it. You won’t always succeed but the fact that you didn’t give up at the first hurdle puts you ahead of lots of folks. Creative people aren’t always the best but they are tenacious.


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