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A person of excellence is a problem solver. Excellent people have identified their niche in their fields and developed their expertise to solve problems better than their peers. Life is all about problem solving and everyone wants people who can help them solve their problems.

An employee is hired and paid to solve problems. This is his primary purpose and the moment he stops fulfilling that purpose is the moment he gets fired. You are attracted to people who can help you solve your problems and likewise avoid those who create problems for you.

It is one thing to be excellent at what you do; it is another to demonstrate excellence. People will only pay for excellence when they see its value to them. Excellence that doesn’t solve problems will not be rewarded or celebrated.

In this globalised world, excellence is the new passport. It opens great doors for you. There is fierce competition for excellent people because they are few. This is the reason why those who invest in developing and demonstrating excellence are highly rewarded.

Mike Murdock said that you will only be paid in proportion to the magnitude of problems that you solve. A man is paid £50 an hour and another charges £200 per hour because they solve different kinds of problems. How much are you worth? You are paid based on the estimate of your perceived value. Value is all about perception. The £50 an hour guy might actually be better than the £200 an hour guy but his employers don’t value him to be worth £200p/h. Develop and deliver excellence in what you do and the world will come to you bearing gifts.

Q: Are you solving the right kind of problems in your field?

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