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To stand out in life you have to live a life of excellence. The world is drawn to excellent men and women. We study them to learn the secrets of their performance. What made Steve Jobs tick? What separates Messi from his peers?

I believe that excellence speaks. You attain excellence when the result or quality of your work speaks on your behalf instead of your mouth. You can blow your trumpet till you are blue in the face but at the end of the day, you still have to deliver the results. You will be judged and rewarded on the basis of the results of your work.

Excellence is not achieved in one day; it requires a price. Most people are unwilling to pay the price for the prize. They will rather settle for average, comfortable and mediocre lives. This is reason why those who go the extra mile in life end up with the biggest rewards. Rickey Minor sums it best when he said “there’s no traffic on the extra mile”.

Excellence is a choice; you have to choose to live an excellent life. You have to choose to pay the price for excellence. You have to choose to go the extra mile to be excellent when the easier route beckons you to travel it. The price of excellence is hard work. I love this quote from Tim Notke that states that hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard. Talent without hard work is destined to stay as potential.

Those who accomplished great things in life didn’t do it because they were simply talented than their peers but because they were focused on their priorities and worked harder than others. They put in the time and the work to excel. Let us emulate these people and become trail blazers as well in our own field.

Q: What are you doing to become excellent in your field?

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