Contemplations & Consumptions: Vol 2



As a user researcher, I’m in the insights business. My job is to detect the signal in the cloud of noise; make sense of the signal and communicate that signal to others to take action. 

But we are all built to seek insights in our daily lives. Our brains are wired to connect dots and pattern recognise. We see patterns in situations where no patterns exist because this is the way we process ambiguity. 

Anybody can connect the dots if we remove the non-dots. It’s the ability to discern the dots from the non-dots that allows ‘true’ connections to be made. It is so easy to see what we want to see because we see things not as they are but as we are. 

I always have to remind myself that my assumptions and frames of reference are subjective lenses of reality. It’s biased and filters every piece of information I consume. That’s the reason I enjoy collaborating with individuals of diverse backgrounds. They provide subjective points of view in contrast with mine so they spot what I miss and vice versa.



Foundation season 2 –  I got into Foundation late – a year after the first season came out but once I got into it; I was hooked. It is an intellectual sci-fi show based on a series of books by Isaac Asimov. The story was considered unfilmable given its hundreds of years time span but the show’s creators have done a marvellous job. I am consuming season 2 weekly so I have something to look forward to every Friday. I will recommend you watch this clip and hopefully your curiosity will be piqued to give the show a try.

Underrated – This Steph Curry documentary is good but not great. It does well fleshing out Curry’s pre-NBA backstory. The NBA years were tacked on at the end of the documentary as an afterthought. This is where the documentary lets itself down. Curry’s four NBA championship victories needed fleshing out. This documentary should have been a TV series and not a movie. This would have given the creators the room to let the story breathe. Hopefully, that will happen someday and I look forward to that.

Destination NBA: A G League Odyssey – I loved this basketball documentary which showcased the stories of a few G League players’ dreams to get into the NBA. I wasn’t aware of the G League until this documentary. These are basketball players betting on themselves when the odds of most of them getting into the NBA are very slim

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