Contemplations & Consumptions: Vol 1



I recently got made redundant. The last time I was made redundant; I pivoted from academia to UX. The lean academic job market at the time was the reason for this decision. I am not looking to pivot again but exploring the possibility of doing freelance UX gigs.

Redundancy is a gut punch and having experienced one before doesn’t make the second one any less painful. But like Weston said to Charon in John Wick 4: “Such is life.”



  • The Loneliness of the Long-Distance Cartoonist – I try to mix up my reading diet with the inclusion of graphic novels. This was an enjoyable read by Adrian Tomine. A collection of short graphic vignettes of Tomine’s life from 1982 to 2018. They cover a range of themes such as obscurity, recognition, perseverance, parenthood and insecurities. Tomine manages to illustrate the comedy in certain situations of his life.
  • How to do great work – This is a long essay by Paul Graham but it is worth your time. I generated so many Readwise highlights from this essay.

Develop a habit of working on your own projects. Don’t let “work” mean something other people tell you to do. If you do manage to do great work one day, it will probably be on a project of your own. It may be within some bigger project, but you’ll be driving your part of it.

Paul Graham


Quarterback – I am a big fan of sports documentaries particularly American Football so it was a joy to binge this limited series. The show focuses on three quarterbacks {Patrick Mahomes, Kirk Cousins and Marcus Mariota} during the 2022 football season. It charts their ups and downs as they try to lead their teams to the playoffs and Super Bowl glory.

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