The Lost Blue Sock

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I saw a dirty blue sock on my way to the train station today. It laid on the granite bridge step beside the river near the University. It looked lonely and lost. I wondered how it got there. Where was the other sock? Was the owner looking for it or even cared? If this sock had a mouth, I bet it would have an interesting story to tell about itself and its journey to this granite bridge step. All these questions about this blue sock made me realise that everything and everyone has a story to tell.

This sock’s story would start as a journey from the factory that made it to the shop that sold it then to the person who bought it and wore it and lost it on the granite bridge step. I know that this is not the end of its story because I believe the street cleaner will sooner or later pick it up, put it in his garbage bag and transport it to the landfill or recycling unit.

Your own life is a story. Our lives are stories. We might feel it’s a boring story but it is still a story nonetheless. Fred Allen said “A human being is nothing but a story with a skin around it.”  We are all story-telling beings and this is how we make sense of our lives and the world we live in.

From the moment we wake up to the time we fall asleep, we are a storytelling and story-receiving machine. Our mind is constantly producing stories even when we are alone. We are reflecting on the past, thinking about the present and planning for the future – all in story form. Think about it, our conversations with ourselves and others are mini or long stories depending on the time available. Even gossiping is a form of storytelling.

Every information media we consume is packaged as a story – books, films, news, TV shows etc. This is because we are hardwired to respond to stories. A good story will transport us into the world it conjures up. This is the power of a good story and everyone loves a well-told story. Stories are powerful as the stories we tell ourselves and we share with others shape and define our lives. Aim to tell and share positive stories about yourself.

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I enjoyed it. Reminds me on something I read that said some stories are worth telling- this story was worth it. So much to learn just from a blue sock. I’m inspired Ola. Thanks

I really enjoyed this, Prof. It made me laugh out loud and also think about how we are all individual stories intermingling with each other. What I get from this is how we actually need each other in order for our individual stories to be complete. GOD was definitely on to something when HE said it wasn’t good for man to be alone…

Another beautiful piece Boss. “Every information media we consume is packaged as a story – books, films, news, TV shows etc. ” Prof, I rap and its impossible to forgive you for not adding music to this line…lol. It should have come first…because am even sure you are listening to music as you read this and of course I am. Music is a major way to tell a story… Ooshay!

Hello Idowu. I admit that I should have included music. Thanks for pointing this out.

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