The Century Landmark

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I watched the Indian cricketer, Cheteshwar Pujara, on Sky Sports get his first test century against New Zealand about an hour ago. He was obviously delighted and so were the partisan Indian spectators who were rooting for him. A century which is hundred runs in cricket is rare. It takes patience, perseverance, skill, discipline, mental concentration, will-power and sometime good fortune to bat a hundred runs in cricket. This is the reason why it is a celebrated landmark as both sets of supporters applaud the batsman who accomplishes this feat.

Cricket is a fascinating tactical sport and I am a big fan of it but that was not always the case. It is a sport that the British introduced to their colonies but it never took off in their West African colonies (Nigeria, Ghana, Sierra Leone and Gambia). Football not cricket was the sport these nations embraced instead. Cricket was simply not their cup of tea. It was rather Britain’s Southern African colonies that embraced cricket as well rugby and football. It should be noted that the South African test team beat the English test team on Monday to become the number one side in international test cricket. British introduction of cricket in some of their Asian colonies also flourished and cricket is ranked the number one sport in India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh to the detriment of other sports.  It is however interesting that these four nations like the West African British colonies chose simply to embrace one out of the three sports that the British introduced to them

I used to change the sports channel when cricket was on the telly because I did not get the sport. I never saw a game growing up in Nigeria because no one played it. My interest in cricket started about two years ago when I watched the one day cricket world cup in India. This was the form of cricket that ended in one day and not the test version which could go up to five days and still end in a draw. I slowly figured out the rules of cricket by watching the sport and listening to Sky Sports commentators. I was hooked and now I can sit through an international test match series.

You are probably wondering why on earth I am talking about cricket? Well, this is my 100th blog post and in true cricket fashion, I would like to raise my pen and laptop instead of a bat to savour the moment. Most bloggers never get to 100 blog posts. Writing a hundred blog posts  requires most of the skills that it takes to bat a hundred runs – patience, perseverance, discipline, mental concentration, and will-power. The next major milestone for a batsman who gets a century is attaining a double century in the same match and that is even harder than the first century.

I hope you have enjoyed the first 100 blog posts as I have enjoyed writing them and I hope you will travel with me on the journey to attain a double century of blog posts. I would love to hear your thoughts and comment s on the first hundred and ideas and suggestions you might have for me for the next 100. If you enjoy this leadership blog then please kindly share it with your friends and contacts.

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Thank you very much…I applaud your achievement and look forward to the next hundred and thousand. God bless the works of your hand. Enoch.

I always seem to log on at the right time! God bless u indeed….to many, many more posts. See u in Liverpool soon

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