Recognition vs Contribution

What are your motives for leading or wanting to lead? Are you recognition-driven or contribution-driven? Recognition-driven leaders usually put their self interests before that of the organisation or the team. Such leaders’ selfish desire for power and glory takes precedence whereas contribution-driven leaders submit their self interests to serve the organization or team they lead. Robert Greenleaf referred to such selfless leaders as servant leaders.

One of the taglines for the 2002 Spiderman movie is that “with great power comes great responsibility”. I believe that leadership comes with great responsibility, whether you are influencing just one person or a billion people. But your motives will determine your actions and behaviours therefore if you pursue leadership with the wrong motives; your leadership decisions and actions will have negative consequences. It is important that we are always conscious of the things below the surface that guide our leadership ambitions and actions if we are to make a positive impact and leave behind an enduring legacy.

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It is a good question and as leaders this s a question you should ask yourself periodically as it is so easy to lose focus.
A lesson yet to be learnt in politics especially in Africa.

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