Making the most of Today

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Most leaders are future oriented individuals. However, in the haste to actualize their visions, it is very easy for them to focus on the future to the detriment of the present. This is because the present is seen as the ‘passage’ to the vision (destination). A vision can be defined as a preferred future and it’s always all about getting there. Yet you can’t have a ‘there’ without a ‘here’ because we all live in the here and now. Thomas Monson admonishes us to remember that the past is behind us so we should learn from it, the future is ahead, so prepare for it but the present is here and we need to live it.

Some of us are so driven that we don’t take out the time to enjoy the now because we are so focused on getting ‘there’. In the attempt to get ‘there’, we fail to celebrate and appreciate the small wins and accomplishments occurring in the present moment because we are so impatient for the big victories ahead. It is easy to have your eyes on the prize that you ignore the process. This pushes us into the trap of unproductively worrying about the future and ruminating about past disappointments which hinders us from appreciating the present.

It is important to realise that we are always in the here and now. Your today is defining your tomorrow. Yesterday is in the tomb, tomorrow is in the womb but today is in your hands. This is the reason why you need to make the most of it. By all means, look forward to the destination but strive to enjoy the journey as well.

One reply on “Making the most of Today”

I like the way you present the concept of embracing today with all I’ve got while anticipating tomorrow’s possibilities.
I really like the Thomas Monson admonition, especially because I find it so difficult to forgive myself for my errors or shortfalls. This year, I really wanna enjoy the my journey of life, so I’m customizing it my way, even learning to bounce back from ‘unsuccesses’, making allowances for errors, and indulging occasional fantasies… a leader’s gotta dream a lil’ dream sometimes, right? 🙂
In the end, all things will work together for my good. Here’s to all the Today’s ahead… Cheers, Prof!

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