Dealing with Weaknesses

Image source: @boetter
Image source: @boetter

There is the assumption that because you are naturally strong at something; you don’t have to have to spend too much time on it. You should devote most of your attention to your weaknesses instead. The danger of this is that you take your strengths for granted; overcompensate on your weaknesses with little marginal gains to show for it. There are three main things you can do with any given weakness.

(1) Delegate it to others who enjoy doing it.

(2) Drop it completely if it wouldn’t have any major implications for your life.

(3) Develop it to a manageable/competent state where you can get by doing it without significant consequences.

 Self awareness is crucial to know which appropriate action you need to take and this starts with being honest with yourself.

I had enough self awareness in the senior years of secondary school to know my academic strengths and weaknesses. I managed the subjects which I didn’t like but couldn’t drop like Mathematics and Biology, dropped the ones (Physics and Chemistry) which I could in order to focus on the subjects which were my strengths (History and Government).

Delegating weaknesses work best when you are in a leadership role or when you are collaborating with others whose strengths and weaknesses are different from your own.

How are you dealing with your weaknesses?

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Hey Prof, I have enjoyed the truths in this peace. I am a huge advocate of delegation. I don’t see the point of overstretching myself for a task when I can hand it over to someone who is more competent in it. I believe delegation also makes for greater output in terms of meeting targets.

I deal with my weaknesses by first seeking ways to improve my skills in the task. If I find it’s not profitable, I do concede, no point delaying progress for the sake of ‘well done’. It’s important for me to be honest about what I can’t do or what i’m struggling to do. Incidentally I think this is one of the marks of a good leader. Self awareness is so crucial to dealing with weaknesses.

Ultimately one can find a way to implement the 3 things to do with weaknesses. It’s why I am finally able to embrace a kind of career change. After 10 years of trying something, I reached a decision point: it was time to dream new dreams. I’m very okay with this decision.

Thanks Prof.

Hey Oge. I am glad to hear of this career change and wish you the best as you embark on this journey.

Thanks a lot for this piece. Very simple, straightforward and so true too.

I should learn to delegate those things I am not very good at doing because most times, I like to do everything myself.

Best regards,

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