David the Lyre Player

Image Source: Judy**
Image Source: Judy**

A man’s gift makes room for him, and brings him before great men. Proverbs 18:16

Before David became the giant killer; he was a lyre player. A lyre is a musical instrument which is closely related to a harp. David wasn’t a professional lyre player but he was very good.  I presume that it was a hobby for him because his main job was tending sheep for his father. He must have practiced playing his lyre while tending sheep during the day and also played it in the evenings as musical entertainment for family and friends. I am sure that David never really expected his lyre playing skills to be his ticket to the palace. He simply developed his skills for his own personal amusement and to entertain others.   

The royal invitation to be the king’s personal lyre player must have been both a surprise and a shock for David and his family. It was his hobby not his main job that got King Saul’s attention. How did Saul know of David’s skill and hobby? This was due to the power of word of mouth.

“So Saul said to his attendants, “Find someone who plays well and bring him to me.” One of the servants answered, “I have seen a son of Jesse of Bethlehem who knows how to play the lyre… {1 Sam 16:17-18 (NIV)}

You are more likely to trust the recommendation of someone you know with regards to a purchase or selection decision. This is the reason why companies try to ensure that their customers have a great experience because they know the impact a positive or negative word of mouth conversation can have on their business.

Saul hired David on the basis of a word of mouth recommendation which he got from one of his employees. Saul had a big problem and he urgently needed someone with the right skill to solve it. David was hired because his hobby and skill solved Saul’s problem. The word of mouth recommendation gained David an audience with the King but his skill as a lyre player helped him get the job.

You will be in demand if you are a problem solver. Everyone wants people in their lives who are problem solvers. You are rewarded or compensated based on the magnitude of the problem you solve for others. David solved a problem for Saul and he became his personal lyre player but it was the second problem that David solved for Saul that changed his life.

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