2 Daily Creative Acts

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Image source: Olaojo Aiygebayo

There are two creative acts which I try to do every day. I am not always consistent but it is a daily aspiration. I seek to write everyday and take at least one photo a day. I use two websites for this: for writing and for sharing my photos. My 750words writing is private but my photo sharing is public. Writing everyday enables me to develop my critical and creative writing abilities while daily photo taking helps me train my eye to spot interesting visual stimuli to capture and share.

I have tried many times to take a photo a day but I have always failed to be consistent. I tried posting a photo a day via Twitter and Flickr but that didn’t work. I noticed that someone I follow on Twitter uses blipfoto and I decided to give it a try on the first of this month. I have not missed a day yet and today will make it exactly 3 consistent weeks of taking and sharing a photo a day.

It has been far more challenging writing 750 words a day (roughly 3 pages). I have realised that I need to break the writing process across the entire day rather than attempt to write the target word count at night time when I am tired and mentally drained.

I am slowly building a public photo portfolio on blipfoto and I am aware that not all the photos taken at the moment with my iPhone 4S are great. It is in the consistency of taking photos on a daily basis that my photography skills will develop and improve. This also applies to the 750 words that I write on a daily basis in terms of honing my writing skills.

What small creative acts are you doing on a daily basis or thinking of starting soon?

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I currently aim to read and write everyday and so far January is the only month I read everyday (or completed allocated reading) and I’ve probably written 3 times-so failing miserable.

Your article has inspired me to keep at it. I’ll especially be allocating time for these activities so I can mentally drive myself forward.


Hey Tosin. I am glad that you were inspired by the post. It is a challenge to be consistent on a daily basis but once it becomes habitual then it is slightly easier to keep doing these creative acts.

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