UX Review: NHS Digital Transformation Blog (mobile site) 

This is my first user experience (UX) review of a mobile site and I plan to do more in the future.

I came across the NHS Digital Transformation blog recently, liked the content and wanted to subscribe to it to get more information because of my interest in Service UX design/research.

I quickly realised that the only way to get new NHS DT posts was to make a comment on a blog post which I didn’t want to do. There was simply no alternative subscription option. Here is a short video demonstrating the challenge of trying to subscribe on the site.



The solution is to separate the two tasks – commenting and subscribing – instead of combining them.

The Home Office Digital blog has a great email subscription sign-up process  and commenting process which NHS DT blog could adopt.


My current workaround for getting email notifications when a new NHS DT blog post is published is to use Blogtrottr. I am a bit web savvy but still had to spend some time on Google trying to find this workaround. I don’t think many other interested folks will do this and it would be a shame for the blog to lose potential subscribers who want to receive new blog posts but don’t wish to comment to get it.

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