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Leadership is a results oriented role, hence there is so much pressure on leaders to deliver extraordinary results. You only have to examine the high turnover rate of football coaches in the English premiership and championship leagues to see the amount of pressure to deliver results. The demand for results brings pressure. King Solomon in the Bible stated that “if you fail under pressure, then your strength is weak” (Prov. 24:10).

I can guarantee that you will come under pressure and face many trials in your leadership journey, but it’s your resilience and perseverance that will inspire your team to follow you. The people around you can sense when you are under pressure and your handling of the pressure will determine whether they continue to support you or wish your downfall.

Pressure provides the opportunities for your leadership character to be formed and shaped but some leaders allow it to destroy them rather than develop them. Too much pressure can break you but too little can make you complacent. A pressure free leadership journey deprives you of the valuable experience to become a great leader.  The trick is not to bite more than you can chew and also not to promise what you know you can’t deliver in an attempt to impress others. It is essential that you know your strengths and play to them.

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This is a very vital and sensitive point. Thanks.

You wrote, “Too much pressure can break you but too little can make you complacent”. When do you know when pressure is too much or too little?

I believe it depends on the leader. What is too much pressure for one is sufficient pressure for another. It is important to know yourself. It is by knowing yourself well that you can determine whether you are undergoing too much pressure or too little pressure. A good indicator of insufficient pressure is when you don’t feel challenged in your leadership role and you are starting to experience boredom while a sense of being overwhelmed by the leadership challenges can be an indicator of too much pressure on yourself. It all boils down to knowing yourself and what you can handle.

So what you’re saying is that pressure is a good thing gone bad because of people’s ‘mis-application’? Hmm… Ok, so pressure should actually help get the job done… as in well done.
The line where you talk about people sensing your pressure and using your response to pressure to decide if or not they will support you is too too deep! I guess that’s one I gotta always remember, not that i am soliciting for support.
It’s also interesting that you suggest pressure is the necessary ‘x-factor’ in a great leadership. Selah…

I think it is also important to talk about how you can relieve some of this pressure when it does build up!
Thoughts anyone?

Something about knowing oneself (self awareness) has got to be key.
Having coping mechanisms both formal and informal.
Counselling especially all you black folks out there! No disrespect its a fact, we do not access services enough and the results show.

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