The Protagonist and Storyteller


Image source: Mike Shaheen
Image source: Mike Shaheen

Life is a story we live and tell.  You are the protagonist and storyteller of your life – your auto-biographical story. A protagonist is “the most important person in a real situation” {Oxford English Dictionary}.Everybody else in your story world is a supporting cast member of varying importance and relevance.

Every protagonist needs a motivating central goal or a purpose to drive him if not his story becomes meaningless. There might be smaller goals or sub-goals but there is always a central goal.

The protagonist confronts obstacles along the way towards accomplishing his central goal. How he deals with these obstacles reveals who he is. It also highlights his strengths and flaws.

Our life stories shape, define and influence who we are. It is easy to live the same negative story daily and this becomes a loop. Some people are trapped in such loops. Every day is a groundhog day – a loop of frustration and despair.

No one sets out to live and tell a bad story. The protagonist’s decisions and choices, good and bad, determine the outcome of his story.

What type of story are you living and telling?

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