The 1949 Nigerian Football Team’s UK Tour: The Timeline

I have researched and worked on the 1949 Nigerian football team’s UK tour for just over a year. I have also written a piece about the fascinating story of these bare-footed Nigerian footballers which I plan to publish very soon. But before the publication of that piece, check out the chronological timeline of the tour.


Key texts consulted for this project  (article and timeline)


Football in Nigeria by Samuel Ekpe Akpabot

Rest in Pieces: South Liverpool FC {1894 – 1994} by Hyder Jawad

The Hounding of David Oluwale by Kester Aspden

Colouring over the White Line: The History of Black Footballers in Britain by Phil Vasili

Feet of the Chameleon: The History of African Football by Ian Hawkey

The Mighty Mariners: The story of Marine Association Football Club by David Wotherspoon

Journal article:

Colonialism and Football: the first Nigerian tour to Britain by Phil Vasili {in Race & Class}

A History of African Footballers in Britain by Phil Vasili

Nigerian Newspapers:

West African Pilot {1949 issues}

The Daily Times {1949 issues}

English Football Association texts:

The Football Association Bulletin No 17 {1949}

FA Match Permit Sub-Committee Minutes {1949}

English Newspapers:

Liverpool Echo {1949 issues}

Daily Mail {1949 issues}

The Manchester Guardian {1949 issues}

and many other publications ……



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