3 Keys to a Productive 2011

(c) Kevin Spencer

You may have made some New Year’s resolutions for 2011 which you are keen to achieve. I have some listed in my notebook as well. In the past, I have written up New Year’s resolutions only to discover by the end of January that I am struggling to keep them. I am pretty sure that a number of you have faced similar challenges in the past. Is it a question of a lack of will power or simply a lack of motivation that hinders us from successfully sticking to our New Year’s resolutions?

I believe these 3 keys will help you have a productive 2011.

(1) Start doing – Determine what you need to start doing to have a successful and productive year. These are new things that you have always wanted to do but never got around to starting. These are your priorities and are the things that empower and enable you to get ahead in 2011.

(2) Stop doing – Identify the unproductive things or time wasters that are hindering you from focusing on the things that you need to be doing. These are distractions that sap the energy and time that should be devoted to the priorities (New Year’s resolutions). Goethe said that “things which matter most must never be at the mercy of things which matter least”.

(3) Continue doing – These are things that you need to continue doing because they have proven to be beneficial to you in the past and because they work for you. These could include things you have done on an inconsistent basis but know that with some degree of discipline, it will get you closer to your desired goals in 2011.

These three keys are based on the foundation of knowing yourself. Reflecting on what worked for you in the past and identifying the things that keep tripping you up in the pursuit of accomplishing your goals. To be successful and productive in 2011, you need to focus on your priorities and ignore your distractions. Distractions are urgent and in your face but though priorities are important, they tend to linger in the background. The consequence of ignoring your priorities is not always immediate; neither is the payoff, but the consistent attendance to them produces tremendous results in the long term.

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Thank you so much for this – I hope to use it this year and hopefully, I can be more productive than previous years.
You’re a blessing!

I found that I did not make resolutions for this year, because in years past I often did not stick to them. Thank you for this…..ignoring distractions is definitely what I will take home. God bless you.

Thank you for the simple words of wisdom. Like Tam this year I have not yet set any resolutions. But I will be doing so with a few people whom I normally share and pray with. Stay blessed and Happy New Year

Happy New Year to you too. I am glad to hear that you are planning to set some New Year resolutions with the support of close friends to accomplish them. I wish you all the best.

I like the truths in this piece, those are powerful keys indeed.
I also did’t bother making New Year Resolutions, but I did consider the things that worked for me last year. I’m just going to improve on those things, including setting more realistic goals for myself. It doesn’t make sense for my ‘resolutions’ to make me feel low by the first quarter of the year.
One thing I’m definitely gonna do more of is to be careful with whom I share my dreams and ambitions… Here’s to a GOD-blessed 2011!

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